WPY Container Flats

WPY Container Flats

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  1. “WPY Container Flats” is quite ambiguous, since the WP&Y has used a variety of flats to carry containers.

    The original cubical containers were simply chained down on the flats, tensioned using trucker’s chain binders. Both 701 series (odd numbers) and 1100’s were equipped with six sets of chains, carried in cylindrical or rectangular side sill mounted chain buckets on one side with chain binders hanging on the other.

    The 701’s in this service were former C&S 30′ steel underframe flats, the low numbers converted from house or gondola cars for the USATC, and higher numbers cut down from former USATC box cars by the WP&Y. Some ran with wood side sills, and some were rebuilt by WP&Y with 7″ steel channel side sills. The USATC cars has cast steel stake pockets, and the WP&Y conversions had welded sheet steel pockets.

    The 1100’s were the former USA/USN 30′ steel framed boxcar underframes from Hawaii. These only had a 3″ rolled steel angleend sills and side sills between the door frame and the ends. There is a Deadman photograph of one such WP&Y car equipped with container chains, but all were soon rebuilt with steel channel side and end sills, with 7″ channels on most. As late as 1976 these cars were a mix of plywood and steel decks, the latter showing the rivet holes of recycled steel boxcars sides. Most also had stake pockets made of welded sheet metal.

    The mid 1960’s introduction of the long ISO type cone mounted containers necesitated the addition of container cones to existing cars, and gradual elimination of the tie down chains. A few 701’s and many 1100’s were stretched by 5′ to put the container cones over the bolsters. By my visit in 1978, most of the 701’s had been scrapped, and the 1100’s were being rebuilt with bare side sills and steel decks. The latter is the standard merchant container car of the last six years of freight operation.

    1. I was unaware there were so many variations, thank you for the information. the 701 series would be rather easy for me to do as I have just finished the C&S steel frame box cars, should be a rather simple modification.

      Do you have any photo’s you would be willing to share? if so, you could email them to me at [email protected].

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