WP&Y Ore Anvil Containers

WP&Y Ore Anvil Containers

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One thought on “WP&Y Ore Anvil Containers

  1. Note that there were two types of the semi-elliptical cross section Anvil ore containers. The longer version was about 20′, carried one to a car, and were in use through my visit in 1976. The shorter version, about 15′ and loaded two to a car, was in use by my visit in 1978. This probably corresponds to a change in the Yukon’s permissible highway loads.

    There was a corresponding change in the 400 series 33′ deckless container cars, built in 1969 by National Steel
    Car to handle the Anvil traffic. Through 1976 these cars had straight channel side sills with the container cones located roughly over the bolsters. By 1978 most cars had been rebuilt with fish-belly side sills, since the larger double loads were no longer self supporting.

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