WP&Y Ore Flats

WP&Y Ore Flats

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  1. The only WP&Y “ore flats” were the 400 series deckless container cars built in 1969 by National Steel Car. Eakin’s “Modeling the White Pass” lists these as “All Cars Barber trucks, 5×9 roller bearings, 28″ wheels, Sharon couplers, ABD brakes, 8′ width, 32’11” over end sills, 36’2″ coupler pull face.” These cars has straight rolled steel channel side sills through my visit in 1976, but most were rebuilt with fish-belly side sills by my visit in 1978, corresponding to the switch from single long Anvil ore container loads to double loads of short containers. Twelve were retained following the sale of most to Colombia, and used in merchant container service.

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