Pricing Changes for 2019

Pricing Changes for 2019

Shapeways pricing change pushed back once again to April 29th!

If you remember, Shapeways announced an upcoming pricing change beginning on new models in October 2018, and all models effective January 31st, 2019. There have been lots of issues and they have pushed the effective date back several times. Due to the increases they claimed and the uncertainties, we have not been producing new models at this time. With the currently announced prices, things may be “Back to normal” with most prices going back to near what they were prior to October 2018!

That being said; we may be able to release some of our pending models in the near future and have resumed development of new models.

Below is a list of the price changes we had in October 2018, as well as the newly updated April 2019 pricing for the HOn3 models:

EBT Cars
Wood Hopper
Flat Car
Large Hopper
Stock Car
Tank Car
McCord Trucks

At this time we still have a few models on which we are seeing discrepancies on the predicted pricing. We are working to resolve these issues and to understand how this will affect future models with Shapeways.

What does this mean long-term?

We are working towards direct fulfillment of our models, we are planning to release a line of RTR trucks (our McCords and a few additional models) later this year.

Additionally, we are working on better packaging and the tools to make it so that we can begin direct fulfillment of our rolling stock. Over the next few months, you will start to see us filling our catalog with direct fulfillment models and removing the links to purchase them via Shapeways. We will still maintain our Shapeways products but will not be relying on them exclusively.

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